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Bart Skorupa

Bart Skorupa

I focus on ensuring the well-being and mindfulness of our consultants and clients. My goal is to help people from all walks of life become better leaders in both the workplace and their communities. My responsibilities lie in energizing our culture while creating a sense of direction and purpose for colleagues and clients. In short, I help make things better as better is the only thing everything can be.

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Meet Niyo

From optometrist to certified Salesforce consultant, I love a new challenge. I hail from a non-profit where I was the Salesforce program manager and implemented HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture). Personal challenges I’m conquering currently is my upcoming 10k race.

Meet Sean

I speak Mongolian and the language of nonprofit. I like dogs, long walks in the park, hot tea on cold days, and helping ensure we live in a better and more just world.