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Helen Grace

Helen Grace

Problem solving is one of my favorite things to do. This is exemplified in my professional life, having spent 16 years working in the software industry, starting out as a Software Developer and progressing into client facing roles as a Project/Product Manager. When I’m not working on work puzzles, I stay sane through travel, photography, and beers with friends.

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Meet Niyo

From optometrist to certified Salesforce consultant, I love a new challenge. I hail from a non-profit where I was the Salesforce program manager and implemented HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture). Personal challenges I’m conquering currently is my upcoming 10k race.

Meet Ivan

I love being the calm amongst the chaos. Having spent almost 10 years managing IT Projects, I have learned that as much as you try to leverage best practices and experiences, you need to operate in the unexpected environment and ensure you can keep everyone together whilst moving forward. The reward at the end is somewhat spectacular for both the team and the client. This is all perfect as I am also a film writer/director, and surprisingly a lot of these skills cross over.