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Jon Smith

Jon Smith

My purpose: to make complex things simple so that we can resolve seemingly insurmountable problems.

I utilize my expertise in Sales, Operations, Business Intelligence, combined with years consultant on the Salesforce platform to deliver insight, impact, and sustainable solutions. Plus, I can cook a mean barbeque!

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Meet Derek

It’s safe to say that there isn’t much that I haven’t seen or discussed when it comes to Salesforce, given my 9 years as a Salesforce employee, and almost 3 years at Figur8. I’ve been around projects, programming, and software for over 20 years and I like to break down complex concepts and situations into simple, understandable terms. In another life, I may have been a teacher. In my spare time, I like to tinker with my classic British roadster and go for long country drives with my significant other.

Meet Chad

I am the annoying kid that never stopped asking why. Curiosity is my main driver. And has yet to kill me.