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Richard Lockson

Richard Lockson

Every day I strive to be impactful with relevant solutions, to connect with customers to show them the value of Cloud based solutions and to redefine the way my customers are operating and building their organizations. Everyone can change their rule-book, they simply need to see how their business can operate and what is possible versus what they been trained to understand and what they have come to accept. My success is aligned with the success of my customers.

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Meet Pedro

I’m passionate about delivering the right solution for my clients and always willing to go the extra mile. Learning and growing with Salesforce has been my primary focus for the past 8 years. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Meet Ivan

I love being the calm amongst the chaos. Having spent almost 10 years managing IT Projects, I have learned that as much as you try to leverage best practices and experiences, you need to operate in the unexpected environment and ensure you can keep everyone together whilst moving forward. The reward at the end is somewhat spectacular for both the team and the client. This is all perfect as I am also a film writer/director, and surprisingly a lot of these skills cross over.